Virtual Open Event: Registration

Showing guests around our school has always been a favourite part of my day. It is a joy to introduce our girls, who are eager to tell visitors about the projects that they are working on and about the extra-curricular activities that they participate in. I hear them explain how special it is to be a part of our NWC family and that each young woman is equally valued, respected and supported.

Across all year groups, our girls’ enthusiasm for learning and for always doing their very best is evident, their regard for their teachers and their pride in our facilities is palpable.

NWC is a place of joy, a dynamic and vibrant environment that we would very much like to share with you, but welcoming families into our beautiful school at the moment is not an option. However, I am delighted to invite you to attend one of our forthcoming Virtual Open Events which will provide you with the opportunity to digitally meet me, our girls and my Senior Leadership Team.

We believe that strength of character is as important as academic success at NWC and we empower each young women with the tools that she needs to face the world with courage, confidence and ambition. Our girls are intellectual, articulate and happy and I am proud of each and every one of them. Our team of dedicated educators work tirelessly to ignite intellectual curiosity and inspire creative imagination. By applying the most effective learning systems, individual learning programmes and innovative pedagogical techniques, we support, motivate and challenge each student to ensure that she exceeds academic expectations.

I look forward to telling you more about why our school is such a special place for young women to learn and flourish, to register to attend a virtual event simply click here.

Rebecca Brown, Head


360 Virtual Tour

Our virtual tour is packed with extra features including videos and information that will give you a flavour of what being a NWC girl means.

When you see the ‘play button’ icon appear in a scene, you have the chance to watch a video; on numerous scenes a small figure will appear in the bottom right hand corner, if you press the play button icon, you will see their presentation. Information boxes are located in the bottom left hand corner and it is worth opening these too to learn more about our various departments.


Meet the Team

Ms Jill Ferguson, Senior Deputy Head (Pastoral)

Mrs Lindsay Bailey, Director of Sixth Form

Mrs Ashmi Morjaria, Junior Deputy Head (Academic)

Mrs Helen Crouch, Junior Deputy Head (Pastoral)

Mrs Allen, Head of Early Years

Life at NWC

'This is Me, NWC' video in aid of Sport Relief

'I Can Because I Am A NWC Girl' video

Meet our 2020 Head Girl Team

Alice, our Head Girl

Karen, Deputy Head Girl

Amber, Deputy Head Girl

Saffy, Deputy Head Girl

A 'Day in the Life' of Year 7

A 'Day in the Life' of Year 6

A 'Day in the Life' of Year 2

Early Years at NWC

Our First Week in Bluebelle's Nursery!

Week Two in Bluebelle's Nursery

Week Three in Bluebelle's Nursery

A Day in the Life of Bluebelle’s Reception

A Day in the Life of Bluebelle's Reception (Video Two)

Mrs Amin, An Introduction to Nursery

Mrs Allen, An Introduction to Reception

Music at NWC

String Quartet

Vocal Performance

Physical Education at NWC

Meet our Head of PE

Art at NWC

Art Showcase

Masterpiece Competition

NWC Art & Design Exhibition 2021

Guided Home Learning at NWC


Year 11 Limitless Learning

Year 12 Limitless Learning

Guided Home Learning booklet

A Compilation of Junior School's GHL work

Introducing our new pastoral initiative for Senior School: NWC Horizons Lecture and Events Series.

A compilation of Black History Month work

Girls’ Day School Trust

We are proud to be part of the Girls’ Day School Trust, a leading Education Charity that owns and runs a network of 23 schools and two academies across England and Wales, and reinvests all of its income in these schools.

The GDST educates nearly 20,000 students between the ages of three and eighteen (around 8% of all girls at UK independent schools) and employs over 3,500 staff. With an outstanding track record in educational innovation and the highest standards of teaching and learning to support academic excellence, the GDST is dedicated to ensuring that its schools are each equipped with the finest teachers and facilities.

Being a member of the GDST guarantees that our teachers benefit from the most up to date educational resources, training and support network; and that each one of our girls has the opportunity to participate in a wide range of scholarships, competitions, awards and prizes, as well as, benefit from a spectrum of GDST learning initiatives, training, seminars and workshops.

The GDST is a modern, vibrant organisation with a passion not just for educating girls but for equipping them for life. The GDST’s objectives are that its girls to do well academically, are happy, and leave school with confidence and composure, ready for anything the world puts their way.

GDST Parents Booklet

GDST Alumnae Network

GDST Life Magazine

GDST Life Booklet

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NWC Early Years Prospectus

NWC Whole School Prospectus

NWC Sixth Form Prospectus

NWC Horizons Series Booklet

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