Geography is taught in two spacious and modernised classrooms, both of which are equipped with interactive whiteboards.

Our aim is to encourage an interest in and understanding of our surroundings on a local, national and global scale. All topics include elements of Thinking Skills, Geographical Skills and topic content. Fieldwork is an integral part of learning and pupils will take part in several trips during their studies.

Year 7 topics studied are: Atlas and Map work skills, Rivers and flooding. Weather and Climate. All Year 7 pupils take part in a fieldtrip to the River Chess to study rivers and how they change downstream.

Year 8 topics covered include: Tourism, Brazil, Ecosystems, Tropical Rainforests, People & Places. Year 8 pupils visit a local place to investigate its characteristics.

Year 9 topics covered include: Hazards, Climate Change and Urbanisation in Newly Emerging Economies. Year 9 visit Windsor to conduct fieldwork into visitor characteristics and impacts.

GCSE topics include: UK Urban Challenges, Sustainable Urban Development, Resources in the UK, Water Resources, UK Landscapes, Coastal and River Landscapes. The GCSE course is AQA 9-1 GCSE Geography (8035). Currently, there is a residential field trip to investigate a Human and a Physical Environment which they are assessed on in Paper 3: Geographical Applications. Year 11s also study: Ecosystems, Tropical Rainforests, Cold Environments, Development Gap, Newly Emerging Economies and the changing UK Economy.

A Level topics include: Water and Carbon Cycles, Changing Places, Hazards and Coastal Systems and Landscapes. Pupils attend two field trips on the Water and Carbon topic and Changing Places topic. Year 12s plan and undertake their own fieldwork over the summer holidays to help them write up their Independent Investigation. The A Level course is AQA A Level Geography (7037). A Level students also study Global Systems and Governance and Population and the Environments.



Description of Activity: Building models, playing with Geographical games and puzzles. Using Google Earth. Looking at interesting photos and maps. Revision activities.  Taking part in Geographical competitions.  Many of our sessions are run by Sixth Form subject prefects.

Length of Activity: 30 minutes

Age Group: Years 7-9

What skills or attributes does the activity help to promote? Thinking skills. Map skills. Team work. Enjoyment of Geography