About us

Welcome to our incredible school. Please do take the time to visit us so that you too, can enjoy the special Northwood College for Girls experience.

I am part of a phenomenal team of inspirational, forward-thinking and fiercely dedicated educators, all of whom work hard to provide a centre of excellence. Each lesson and extra-curricular activity is designed to craft, inspire and develop the optimum future for our young women.

We ignite curiosity and imagination, and encourage our young women to embrace knowledge and discovery. We prepare our students to face the world with courage, confidence and ambition, ready for the challenges beyond school.

I am passionate about instilling a strong moral compass in young people. I want our young women to act with compassion and integrity, with respect for other people and the environment. Our girls are thoughtful about different approaches to social and spiritual issues and appreciative of culture, context and community.

Our pupils exceed academic expectations. We achieve this by consistently tracking, assessing, supporting and challenging each girl. Our individualised learning programmes, and innovative pedagogical techniques, equip them with the most effective learning systems. We teach our young women how to think effectively: to think smart, think independently, think analytically, think creatively and to ultimately become a master in agile and critical thinking.

Thank you Northwood College for all your hard work. My daughter would not have achieved 11 A grades without your hard work and dedication.

— Parent of Year 11 student

We are part of the Girls’ Day School Trust network of twenty-five schools and we firmly endorse and believe in the GDST’s core values: to always put the girls first; to be fearless and act and speak with conviction; to be forward-thinking, embrace change and fully prepare our girls for the future; and to reap the rewards of being part of a true ‘family’ of schools. With an outstanding track record in educational innovation and academic excellence, the GDST is the UK’s largest education charity and guarantees that girls have the opportunity to participate in a wide range of scholarships, competitions, awards and prizes as well as benefit from a spectrum of GDST learning initiatives, training, seminars and workshops; and that our teachers benefit from the most up to date educational resources, training and support network.

Our pupils are GDST ‘girls for life’, providing them with access to over 70,000 alumnae and insight into an all-encompassing range of industries. We are dedicated to providing unparalleled further education and careers advice, guidance, support and experiences which focus on ensuring that our girls go on to study the most competitive courses at the most prestigious universities and ultimately follow the most beneficial career paths.

To excel in our rapidly changing world, young women will need more than examination results alone. Our objective is for each girl to leave school with a healthy mind and emotional resilience. We teach the tools and techniques that enable each pupil to think confidently, think courageously, think ambitiously, think optimistically and think with conviction.

Our proven emotional resilience programme encourages the girls out of their comfort zone and equips them with the necessary skills to face any future challenges with confidence, authenticity and self-assertiveness.

Clever balance of nurture and academic rigour

— Good Schools Guide, 2019

We believe that a happy girl will excel and we relish the fact that she will go on to enjoy friendships for life, which were formed in a school where she felt secure, valued and respected every day. I am proud of our supportive, vibrant and warm community where the girls and staff look after one another and rejoice in one another’s success and I am confident that our girls leave school with the skills to continue to build meaningful relationships throughout their lives.

In always putting our girls first, we share the values and vision of our parents and we believe that a strong school/parent partnership is vitally important. Regular family workshops, ensuring that each phone call is treated with the importance it deserves and an open door policy all work together to assure Northwood College parents that they are part of our team.

We were delighted to achieve ‘Excellent in every category’ in our last Education Inspection report and a 5-star review rating from schoolguide.co.uk.

Please do visit us and let us show you around our wonderful school, meet our brilliant girls and be inspired by our exceptional staff. We all look forward to welcoming you.

Mrs Hubble, Head

Good Schools Guide Review 2019