If you are interested in the debates and issues surrounding modern government, this subject is ideal for you. Politics is not just about Westminster and Washington, it is about us all and the decisions that affect society.

By studying Politics you will develop knowledge and understanding of the real structures of power and authority within the UK and the USA, and have a grounding in key ideological concepts.

Politics is available as part of the Sixth Form curriculum. Previous knowledge is not required to study Politics. If you have taken GCSE History, many themes and theories will be familiar to you, but GCSE History is certainly not a requirement. Interest and enthusiasm definitely are!

You will be expected to keep up to date with current affairs, which means watching the news, Question Time or The Politics Show and reading quality newspapers.

The Year 12 course focuses on British politics, with modules that look at the relationships and connections between the government and the people, and at how Britain is governed. We also consider the checks and limits on government power as well as considering areas of possible change to Britain’s institutions. Finally, we look at the core political ideas of Liberalism, Conservatism and Socialism.

The Year 13 course focuses on politics in the United States, looking at government (the Constitution, President, Congress and the Supreme Court) and representation (elections, political parties and pressure groups). There is a particular focus on civil rights. We also look at the political idea of Feminism, alongside comparing US and UK politics.

We have been so pleased with the class overall and think her teacher is amazing as well as other staff whom my daughter has been in contact with this year.

— Current Parent