Maths is our secondary language, one which speaks in facts and figures calculating everything in life.

Mathematics is the foundation for many academias such as science, accountancy and business and will be introduced to children at the earliest possible age, just as a language would, to give them the best possible start.

The Mathematics Department at Northwood College for Girls comprises five full-time and one part time teachers each dedicated to the subject with years of experience in the field. We teach the Edexcel Syllabus at GCSE, AS, and A Level and are proud of our outstanding results in GCSE, A Level Mathematics and Further Mathematics Examinations.

Mathematics students in all year groups are entered for the UKMT individual competitions; we also select our top pupils to represent the school in team challenges to give a competitive edge to the subject.

The Mathematics department operates an open-door policy and students are encouraged to be proactive learners, seeking the support of their teachers outside of lessons.

The department is well resourced with every student having the latest edition of the relevant mathematics textbook; delivery of the curriculum is further enhanced by the use of specialist online subscription websites such as Active Learn, Integral and Hegarty Maths.

It is our aim to encourage students to gain confidence in their skills and develop a love and enjoyment of our subject.

We are very happy with our daughter’s progress. She is very happy in class and it shows in her work.

— Current Parent