Parents Association

The Northwood College Parents’ Association is a charitable organisation for parents, pupils, staff and anyone with an interest in Northwood College for Girls.

The principle aim of this Association is to support and promote greater involvement between parents and the school and to hold social events throughout the year, in order to raise funds for additional equipment and activities for the girls.

When your daughter joins Northwood College for Girls, you automatically become a member.

We aim to create a fun and vibrant committee of form representatives and, in order to encourage closer links between parents and the school, we hold regular monthly meetings at which members of staff are also present. As the Parents’ Association is open to all parents, everyone is welcome to attend one or more of our meetings.

The New Office Bearers Team:

  • Emma Gray (Chair)
  • Diana Rudyceva (Treasurer)
  • Betty Holt (Joint Secretary)
  • Aarti Kamdar (Joint Secretary)

If you wish to contact the NCPA team please email

The school successfully meets its aim to instil in its pupils “a real thirst for learning.”

— ISI Report 2012