Aims and Ethos

Our aim is to empower each Northwood College pupil with the knowledge, insight and motivation to enter adult-hood a conscientious, ambitious, confident and happy member of society; one who is equipped to turn challenge into opportunity, to embrace change and innovation, to maintain a lifelong love of learning and to succeed in a path that is most advantageous to her individual strengths and aspirations.

Our Mission Statement:

  • We believe that success and purpose stem from feeling valued and creating impact

  • We ignite intellectual curiosity

  • We act with compassion and integrity

  • We challenge ourselves and build resilience

  • We recognise that strength of character is as important as academic success

  • We embrace innovation

  • We recognise our global responsibility

  • We foster joy



Relationships are excellent throughout the school, which is indeed a happy place: the pupils are very proud of it and feel a strong sense of belonging.

— Latest ISI Report