Computer Science

Computer Science is the subject that takes you into the future. In an age where computing power has doubled every seven years, we are keen to make sure the students are computer literate for their future.

Students have access to the latest computing software and hardware in order to be given the chance to explore many aspects of IT from Microsoft Office and Google suite skills to web design and programming.

The department has two fully equipped suites that are used for the teaching of Computer Science, as well as being used by other departments to support their subjects – e.g. Mathematics for graphical work, languages for vocabulary exercises and Geography for Google Earth.

Students study Computer Science from Year 7 through to Year 13.  They are able to take a GCSE full course in the subject, as well as A Level.

Students are equipped with a full range of digital literacy skills, in addition to being taught how to use various multimedia applications including sound editing, web design and game making software.  They also gain computer programming skills which they use in the development of their own computer games and websites.

The network extends throughout the school, so girls are able to access their work easily. Students may also access their email and files from home. The school continually reviews the ICT system, and is in the process of expanding and updating the network.

Computer software is also used throughout the curriculum and students get many opportunities such as using iMovie and Garage Band in Music or data logging in Science.

At GCSE, the Computer Science syllabus offers girls the opportunity to develop a deeper knowledge and understanding of how computers work and their application in the real world. There are two written examinations. Computer Science is also offered at A level.

The facilities offered by Northwood College are modern and spacious. Two computer suites are used to teach Computer Science, and every classroom is equipped with an interactive whiteboard and has high speed Internet access. All students enjoy a high level of remote access to the work and IT resources.



The Programming Club meet weekly and learn how to write programs.