Supporting us

Supporting us to support girls…

Since 1998, just over 6,600 women across the UK have benefited from the life-changing opportunity of a GDST education thanks to our bursary programme.

Our bursaries provide life-changing opportunities to promising girls and young women whose circumstances mean they would otherwise be unable to access an independent education.

We know that the impact of our bursary awards extends beyond the individual recipient, to their families, wider communities and the future networks they will create. You can read about how lives have been transformed by GDST bursaries here.

During the 2021-22 school year, 1,025 pupils were supported – this equates to nearly 10% of the students in our fee-paying senior schools, with over four in ten receiving full bursaries.

However, despite offering far more bursaries and other forms of financial assistance than many other independent schools, we could only make 202 new bursary awards for the 2021-22 school in response to 1,222 applications. 

We do not wish to see girls and young women with potential deprived of the chance to join us.

We want to increase the philanthropic support we receive so we can commit to making more awards each and every year. Put simply, the GDST wants to change more lives.

How can you support us?

Making a donation:-

All donations are processed by the Girls’ Day School Trust and returned to the school in full. Please click here to make an online donation via the GDST website.

or have your name visually represented in NWC’s history via our NEXUS installation.  

Your generous support will make a real difference to the students. Thank you!

Relationships are excellent throughout the school, which is indeed a happy place: the pupils are very proud of it and feel a strong sense of belonging.

— Latest ISI Report