Through the study of History, pupils will have the opportunity to understand their own world and develop the vital transferable skills of analysis, critical thinking, explanation, evaluation, empathy, understanding and of course argument!

In order to develop these skills pupils will use the latest ICT, books, DVDs, podcasts and many other fascinating resources and visual materials. History is renowned for its essay writing, factual presentation and debating all of which the girls will be involved in.

Year 7 begins with a study of the nature of history, introducing the roles and skills of the historian before moving on to examine some of Britain’s most famous historical events and characters such as the Battle of Hastings, William the Conqueror, Henry II and Thomas Beckett, and King John and the Magna Carta. These events and people are placed in the context of the wider world during the Medieval period.

In Year 8, historical skills are further built upon as we introduce the political and religious themes surrounding the Tudors and look at the issues raised by the history and legacy of slavery. These topics are linked by an investigation into Britain’s role in the trading of human beings from Africa to the Americas.

Year 9 concentrates on the First World War, considering its causes, events and consequences. They also study the fight for female suffrage in Britain in the early 1900s and other important events that have shaped the modern world, such as the dictatorships of the 1930s and the use of nuclear weapons at the end of World War II.

GCSE Pupils look at twentieth century history in a variety of ways and begin to use depth studies and sources to fully grasp some more recent history. Modules include Germany after World War I including the rise of the Nazis, superpower relations in the wake of World War II and the changing nature of medicine across the last 100 years.

Year 12 History pupils study in detail the early Stuarts (1603-1660) and the Cold War in Asia (Korea & Vietnam). Year 13 History students look at the battle for civil rights in the USA from the American Civil War to the 1990s and complete an independent coursework essay on a title of their own choosing.


All pupils in Years 7-9 study History and each year group has the opportunity to take part in extra-curricular trips and clubs.

Previously pupils have visited Penshurst Place, Warwick Castle and the World War One battlefields in France/Belgium, and have enjoyed taking active roles in History Book and Film Clubs.

My daughter is lucky to have you as teachers.

— Current Parent