Combining academic excellence with strong pastoral support and a focus on moral development we inspire, challenge and support each individual girl in our Senior School.

The education of girls lies at the heart of our vision. Academic rigour and excellent exam preparation are a given – we believe that our girls deserve the opportunity to grow as individuals, assume leadership roles, take responsible risks, develop lasting friendships and excel in a dynamic environment that caters for all their needs.

Excellence, courage and integrity are three fundamental qualities that underpin a Northwood College education. Our senior school staff and pupils are ambitious and aspirational and our ground-breaking Cognitive Learning programme is part of our commitment to fostering success, creativity, a spirit of enquiry and a thirst for learning and strength of mind.

Excellent in Every Category

— Last Education Inspection

We encourage our girls to be emotionally resilient, to learn from success and challenge and to communicate with clarity and assurance.

As one of 25 Girls Day School Trust schools, we are part of a family that puts girls first in every way. The GDST has an outstanding track record in educational research, innovation and academic excellence and ensures that all it schools are equipped with the finest teachers and facilities. This means that our teachers benefit from the most up to date educational resources, training and support network; and that our girls have the opportunity to participate in a wide spectrum of national scholarships, competitions, awards and prizes, as well as, a wide range of GDST learning initiatives, seminars and workshops.

Northwood College for Girls Senior School is a very special place, where each and every girl is secure in the knowledge that she will always be inspired, challenged, supported and very much valued.

Mrs Brown, Head