Physical Education

The Physical Education Department is a team of dynamic individuals, who strive to motivate and enthuse girls to participate in physical activities and sports which they love!

The aim of Physical Education at Northwood College for Girls is to inspire all students to lead a healthy and active lifestyle through developing a lifelong love of physical activity; providing students with the skills to participate in a wide range of activities not only throughout their schooling but also throughout their life. By developing positive self-esteem, fostering self-confidence and the desire to participate as well as providing an outlet for healthy competition that gives all students the chance to experience that ‘winning feeling’.

This is achieved through delivering high quality lessons that are active, fun and stretch all ability levels. Members of the Physical Education department act as role models for students to aspire to, using their expertise to build confidence and achieve the best out of all students. Intra and inter school competition in a wide range of sports develops higher performance skills and students are directed and channelled towards both internal and external sports clubs to further their experiences and the chance to reach their full potential.

We have an extensive fixtures calendar and participate competitively in many different sports throughout the year.


25 metre 6 lane indoor swimming pool, large 4 badminton court sports hall with climbing and traversing wall, netball & tennis courts, small all-weather pitch, sports field with 200 metre athletics track, long / triple jump pit, dance studio and fitness suite.


Key Stage 3

Year 7 & 8 pupils will participate in the following activities during the course of the year: netball, hockey, football, badminton, swimming, gymnastics, dance, fitness, athletics, tennis and cricket.

Year 9 pupils have the opportunity to complete the Level 1 Leadership Qualification in either Dance or Sport during this year. If they do not choose this course, they participate in a carousel of activities that may include: netball, hockey, football, basketball, handball, badminton, swimming, water polo, rock climbing, gymnastics, dance, fitness, athletics, tennis and cricket.

Key Stage 4 & 5

Year 10 pupils follow a carousel of activities that include: netball, football, handball, lacrosse, basketball, fitness, yoga, rock climbing, tennis, rounders, cricket and athletics.

Year 11 and Sixth Form pupils choose to follow an activity pathway which appeals to their individual preferences. The pathways include: aesthetic activities (gymnastics & dance), aquatic activities (swimming, water polo, water aerobics), fitness (circuits, yoga, Zumba, aerobics), invasion games (netball, football, handball, lacrosse, basketball) and net/wall games (badminton, table tennis, rock climbing).


There is an extensive extra-curricular timetable, which provides opportunity for both elite and recreational participation. Girls have the opportunity to represent the school in netball, hockey, football, swimming, badminton, dance, gymnastics, athletics, tennis and cricket. The school enters a range of leagues and tournaments at different levels, as well as participating in friendly fixtures against other local independent schools and competing at GDST Rallies. Fixtures take place on a regular basis, after school during the week. They will also be able to access a range of recreational clubs, which allow girls to participate in physical activities in order to support positive wellbeing. Squad practices and recreational clubs take place during lunchtimes and after school.

The pupils reach high standards of personal fulfilment across a wide range of activities.

— Latest ISI Report