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From the moment you become a pupil at Northwood College for Girls you join an inspiring group of women who have headed off in a variety of different directions and on a number of different paths.

As a Northwood College alumna, you remain a valuable part of our community and a role model to many who will follow in your footsteps. 

We’d love to hear from you!

Here at Northwood College for Girls we are immensely proud of our alumnae and we want to share your stories and celebrate your successes.  Our students love to hear from you either in person through talks or reading your bio’s.

Whether you have just started your Uni Journey, have completed it, or are now in the world or employment, we’d love to know what studying at Northwood College for Girls’ (NWC) meant to you and whether life after NWC has taken you on the path you dreamed of, or on a totally different route.

By telling us your story, you’ll not only be joining your peers in sharing your experiences, but you’ll be helping to inspire and, in some cases, shape the future of our current students.

Simply click here, we look forward to hearing your story.


The GDST Alumnae Network

Not only are you a Northwood College alumna, you also join the GDST Alumnae Network, a unique club of 70,000 members in the UK and around the world.  Being a GDST alumna offers endless opportunities.  From one to one and app based mentoring programmes to business networking, personal development and social events, the network offers a professional community unlike any other.

Update your details or find out more about the benefits of being a member of this exciting family of brilliant women at

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Relationships are excellent throughout the school, which is indeed a happy place: the pupils are very proud of it and feel a strong sense of belonging.

— Latest ISI Report