Careers Entitlement Statement

All students at NWC will:-

Take part in a careers programme in Years 7-13 that encourages them to: 

  • Understand possible options for future education and employment
  • Develop decision-making skills that allow them to manage their own development and progression
  • Source and use appropriate careers and employment information
  • Make the most of work-related activities and experiences, including encounters with employers
  • Contribute to the careers programme by providing evaluation and feedback

Have access to, and guidance in the use of, careers information that is:

  • Accessible and straightforward to use (e.g. on school website/Google site etc.)
  • Up-to-date and wide ranging 
  • Age appropriate and comprehensive

Be offered careers guidance that is:

  • Impartial
  • Confidential
  • Appropriate to their specific needs and circumstances
  • Supportive of diversity and equal opportunities

NWC parents and carers are welcome to:

  • Contact the Head of Careers by phone or email with any queries
  • Arrange a meeting with the Head of Careers to discuss their daughter’s options and plans
  • Receive information about careers events and activities
  • Attend the biennial Careers Fair with their daughter
  • Give feedback on the content and effectiveness of the careers programme

To view our Careers Education and Guidance booklet please follow this link: Careers Guidance Booklet (1)