Year 3 Trip to HOAC

On Monday 2nd October, Year 3 went on their annual visit to HOAC. This is a lovely opportunity for the Year 3 girls to bond in their new KS2 classes and perhaps discover some skills and strengths that they didn’t know they had!  Here are some of the things the girls wrote about their trip.

“When we arrived we discussed safety rules and put on our buoyancy aids because we were very near the water.” Elena

“Our first activity was map reading. We had to find clips on a peg and stamp cards when we found them. When we had collected all the stamps it spelt out a word. It was fun! I really enjoyed reading a map because I have never done it before.”

“The swamp was scary! We had to work as a team to get across the platforms without falling into the water or we would have been eaten by crocodiles! Some people were really good at giving instructions.” Rhea.

Vira said, “The nightline was my favourite. We had to wear goggles so we couldn’t see anything and climb over and under all sorts of obstacles!”

“Crawling through the mossy tunnel felt weird because I didn’t know what I was touching.” Oshin.

The girls’ demonstrated excellent problem solving skills, listened well, followed instructions carefully and had a wonderful time!

As always, our thanks go to our parent volunteers for their help and support.