Watercolour Workshop at The Heath Robinson Museum

On Monday, 1 July, the Art Scholars visited the Heath Robinson Museum, named after the eminent Heath Robinson, an artist born on the 13 May 1872. The Heath Robinson Museum is situated in Pinner, encompassed by the scenic views of Pinner Park. The museum, which is located at the heart of the park.

Claire Zammit, artist and art education coordinator took us through the basics of watercolour painting. We then experimented with the watercolour paints, creating different tones, experimenting with different colours, adding different expanses of water to the paint, and even attempting to make an ombre effect. We discovered and put to test a whole range of techniques which included: salt for the rock formation, string for the field effect, a solute for the bubble effect and cling film for the sky effect.


Afterwards, we created our own watercolour paintings using these techniques. Firstly, we did the ‘wet on wet’ technique. It was really mesmerising to see the paint and water amalgamate. After this, we filled in our silhouettes with dark colours, avoiding black. We then dried our pieces with a hairdryer and reciprocated this process to create several more pieces of artwork. I really enjoyed the workshop and learnt lots of new techniques.

Ruhi Misra