Northwood College for Girls GDST announce an outstanding set of A Level Results with 28% of girls achieving straight A’s!

Maxwell Road was the scene of much excitement this morning when our Year 13s received a set of outstanding A Level results.  We are delighted to announce that over 65% of the results achieved A* – B grades with A* grades representing over 13% of the overall results and 69% of the Extended Project Qualification grades at A* – A.

Zara Hubble, Head, commented: “With 28% of our girls achieving straight A*/A’s and over 40% achieving at least two A* – A grades, our excellent results are a true testament to the exceptionally high standard of a Northwood College for Girls education and the effectiveness of our forward-thinking teaching techniques and approach.

Our girls have worked so hard and I am incredibly proud of them.  I am also grateful for the commitment that is demonstrated year after year by our exceptional teachers. I work with a talented group of professionals who work tirelessly to ignite intellectual curiosity in all our girls.”

With one A* and two As, Zara Siddiqi (19, pictured above), is set to study music at Jesus College, University of Oxford. “I am so happy, I will be studying music and fulfilling my dream” commented a beaming Zara. “I cannot thank Northwood College enough for all they have done for me, they really have gone the extra mile and I want to thank my music teacher, Mr McElwaine, personally as I could not have done this without his support”.

Mrs Hubble added: “Based on today’s results, we anticipate that by far the majority of our students will go on to top UK universities. Our Year 12 students are also to be congratulated for their Extended Project Qualification results with 82% of the grades at A* – A!

I believe that our success is due to the fact that we know the individual strengths of each girl and that we are dedicated to develop her talents by inspiring, supporting and challenging each step of the way.”


18-year-old Sachi Shah (pictured above) gained 3 A*s and will set off to UCL to study Biochemistry with a long term goal to become a gene therapist.  Sachi said: “Thank you so much to all my teachers, I could not have done this without them.”

Sachi’s parents commented: “We are very emotional, this is unbelievable, we are so very proud. Thank you so so much to all the staff who helped Sachi to achieve this fantastic result. We need to read them again to believe them! We are getting to grips with this! Since Year 2 Sachi has done so incredibly well.” Sachi’s beaming sister added: “She is a star!”.

NWC Mathematics students followed a winning formula with 53% of grades at A* – A; while the Science department excelled with A* – A representing 53% of the Chemistry grades and 38% of the Biology grades.

Mrs Hubble comments: “We are very ambitious and aspirational here at NWC. We foster joy in our school as we believe that a love of learning plays a pivotal role in motivating and driving the girls to do their best.”


Anya Chuykov (18, pictured above) said “I am absolutely speechless, elated! I was predicted these grades but I never ever thought I would actually get them! All the hard work, it’s over! I thank everyone at school so very much.”

Receiving 3 A*s, Anya is set to study History at Durham but has not yet decided yet which career path to follow. Anya’s mother said: “Anya has been supported by a group of inspirational women at Northwood College. The Head teacher, Anya’s History teacher and the Director of Sixth Form have all done wonders, they are phenomenal. She has most definitely been in safe hands.”


Siena Sahota (18, pictured above) received 3 A*s and will be studying Medicine at King’s College. “I am so very relieved” said Siena. “All the hard work has finally paid off!” she added. Siena’s mother commented: “I am so pleased for her. She has had tremendous support from all of her teachers, but she also did her part and has always worked so very hard for this day.”


Lara Braganza (18, pictured above) was elated to achieve 3 As and is planning to study Biomedical Science at Imperial. “This is amazing, I am so proud that all her hard work has paid off” said Lara’s sister. “Lara has worked so very hard and has fantastic support from everyone at Northwood College. She has got the results she deserved and I am very proud” commented her father.


18 year-old Anaika Nagori (pictured above) achieved 2 A*s and 2 As and will be heading off to Warwick to study PPE (Philosophy, Politics and Economics). “I am so relieved,” she said “I was really really worried and I am now so happy. Thank you for always supporting me Northwood College, I wouldn’t have got this far without my incredible teachers”. Anaika’s father added: “I am an extremely proud father, I thank everyone at NWC, this is fantastic.”


18 year-old Amira Shehata (pictured above) is looking forward to setting off for King’s College to study Dentistry. Amira achieved two A*s and one A and commented: “I am truly so happy. I cannot believe that all the hard work has really paid off.”  Amira’s delighted parents commented: “We are very, very happy, she has been so well rewarded. Thank you Amira for all your hard work and thank you to her teachers who have been brilliant in helping her studies.”


A tearful Zaynab Abbas (18, pictured above) was overwhelmed when she realised that she has achieved 3 As and is set to study Medicine at the University of Manchester. “I really didn’t think I would get this” she said. “I am really, really excited, I just did not expect this. Thank you so much to all my teachers, I cannot believe this!”


Gurveena Hare (18, pictured above) gained two A*s and one A and is set to study Law at University of Warwick. “I am absolutely overwhelmed and totally excited” said a beaming Gurveena.


Penny McCarter (18, pictured above) who is set to study Psychology at Birmingham University achieved one A* and two As and said “I’m just really happy”. Her delighted father added: “I’m just so pleased to see her so happy!”



A beaming Sanjana Hegde (18, pictured above) is truly delighted with her two A*s and one A and is looking ahead to study Law at University of Warwick. “I am really happy” she said, “and I want to thank all of my teachers for working so very hard for all of us. If it wasn’t for their dedication, I would not have the results I have today” she concluded.

Mrs Hubble said: “We are confident that all our girls thrive academically at Northwood College for Girls, but to truly excel in this fast changing world young people need so much more than examination results alone.

Strength of character is as important as academic achievement, and we ensure that our girls leave school with a range of empowering attitudinal and thinking skills.  Designed to enable each girl to develop independent and creative thinking, our Cognitive Learning and Emotional Resilience programmes, encourage our young women out of their comfort zone and provide them with the tools and techniques to face all future challenges with confidence and self-assertiveness.”


“We are so very happy!” said Northwood College twins, Leah and Amber Patel (18, pictured left) who between them achieved one A*, 3 As and two Bs. Both set to study Economics, Amber will be going to Birmingham University and Leah will be going to the University of Nottingham. The girls delighted parents added: “We are really pleased for both of them, this is so well deserved. All the hard work has paid off. Thank you to everyone at Northwood College.”

Mrs Hubble concluded: “We will miss our Year 13 but I am delighted that they now join a vibrant community of over 70,000 GDST alumnae. This unique platform provides them with the opportunity to learn from, and network with, past students who represent a vast range of different industries and environments.

We wish them all the very best for the future and are certain that they are each fully equipped with the knowledge and confidence that they require to truly succeed.”