Innovation and Learning- BETT24

Mr Giblin presented at BETT24 (British Educational Training and Technology) working with Edpuzzle to explain how we have used their tech to enhance our students’ learning.

Edpuzzle is a video quizzing platform which engages students in every moment of their learning. Teachers often use videos in class or homework, but with Edpuzzle we can embed questions throughout the videos to ensure students understand key themes, or gather their thoughts on the topic.

At Northwood we’ve been using Edpuzzle for various different parts of our teaching. We’ve used it during Flipped Learning to ensure students come prepared for lessons and are able to focus on the more complex skills. We’ve used it to check learning in lessons and for classroom based competition with their live scoring feature.

One of the more interesting things we’ve done with Edpuzzle, is use their “student project” function. With this you can ask students to find the videos themselves – which allows them to develop skills of analysis, understanding audience, and recognising bias. Once they have found good quality videos, they then set the questions themselves. We used this with Year 11 as part of the GCSE revision. A great way to make revision collaborative, accessible and also fun!