Do You Remember the Last Time You Didn’t Feel Stressed?

With Escape the Mind, you can finally unwind…

Too often, we feel overwhelmed in our daily lives. A build-up of activities, tasks, and heavy workloads often takes its toll on our mental wellbeing.

As a Young Enterprise group looking to create a product that would benefit our peers, we knew we wanted to help solve this ongoing issue that affects so many of us. This inspired us to design something that would make a tranquil, calm environment feel like less of an unachievable fantasy. We decided to deliver this in the form of a nature inspired colouring book. If you’ve ever felt stressed or overburdened in any way, then our book, filled with beautiful, hand drawn designs, is the perfect way for you to step back from the stress of day to day life and escape to a calmer frame of mind. Whether you only have a few minutes to spare, or are willing to lose yourself in a world of colour for hours on end, there is a perfect design for you.

When it comes to mindfulness colouring, ability is insignificant. With a range of both intricate and simplistic designs, our book is suitable for any age or level of skill. As a team of students committed to advocating the importance of relaxation, we have compiled this book from scratch, and are very proud to present 34 unique images in a high-quality book. At a reasonable price of £7 each, they are ideal for purchasing for yourself, or for a friend or family member that you may have in mind.

To accompany the book, we are also offering a set of 12 colouring pencils, priced at £2.50, however if purchased along with the book, the total cost is just £8. In order to keep up to date with our latest news, including where and when our products will be sold, you can follow us on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, and can check out our page on the Young Enterprise Marketplace website. Happy colouring! – Team Mindfulness, Northwood College for Girls

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