Our school uniform should be purchased from School Blazer, please find below the full uniform lists for Junior and Senior School

COVID19 guidelines for School dress code (subject to change in line with government guidelines)

In line with current government guidance: we request that

  • Pupils  wear non-uniform, comfortable clothing to school
  • Non-uniform dress code: sensible and comfortable clothing in layers for example: jeans/trousers or skirt/dress and tights/leggings with T-shirt or long sleeved top; trainers. (no strappy tops or crop tops, no shorts or very short skirts or ripped jeans, shoes with high heels or wedge heels). Plain coat or jacket in dark colour. No makeup. One pair of plain stud earrings is permitted. Plain hijab (optional).
  • Clean clothing must be worn every day, and clothes washed on the day of wear in a hot wash (60 C)
  • Pupils travelling on public transport will be required to wear separate clothes for travel and bring their clean school clothes with them to change into
  • On days when pupils have physical education lessons, your daughter should wear trainers and suitable clothing to participate (we are unable to operate PE changing rooms at this time of 2M social distancing
  • At a later date, when normality resumes, pupils will return to wearing school uniform. Parents will be fully informed and will be given a period of time in which to purchase the items, detailed here.

Junior Uniform List

Senior Uniform List