Year 4 Anglo Saxon Day

On Wednesday 6 March, the Year 4 girls embarked on a journey back through time to ninth century Anglo-Saxon Britain. Throughout the morning, the girls were immersed in typical Anglo-Saxon jobs such as: rune making, weaving or metal work.  The girls spent most of the morning crafting, writing and making, just as Anglo-Saxon villagers did in 800AD.

Before noon, they were taught how to defend themselves against an invading Viking hoard by learning battle cries, forming lines of archers and shield walls. The heathen Viking leader (Mr Taylor) attacked. However, he met his doom as the Anglo-Saxon warriors were merciless in battle. He withstood volleys of arrows but was cut down under the Saxon charge.

“I really liked the choice of Anglo-Saxon activities and my favourite part was making a scary gargoyle.” Holly

“I learnt how to weave today – it was exciting to see my finished product. I learnt that the Anglo-Saxons used weaving to make their own clothes.” Mia

“I learnt how difficult it was to make jewellery, candles and clothing during Anglo-Saxon times. Today, we have factories to create these products. It was time consuming and we needed a lot patience to make our own Anglo-Saxon products.” Gabi

“I loved getting in role as a fierce warrior. Preparing for battle was exciting as it was my first battle. I enjoyed defeating the Viking, Mr Taylor.” Aimee

In the afternoon, the girls were transported back to the present and became archaeologists. After developing a chronological understanding of the Anglo-Saxon era, they put on their ‘archaeological hats’ and began an ‘excavation’. They carefully unearthed a variety of artefacts and deliberated about their discoveries. Using critical analysis and inference skills, they identified the purpose of the objects and who they possibly belonged to.

“During our excavation, I uncovered broken pottery. I think it was part of a bowl.” Sophia

“We uncovered pieces of what we think was pottery. We put them together and we think it made a bowl. I realised that by digging up artefacts it gives us clues about the people who used those objects.“  Sian

It was a thoroughly immersive and very intriguing day! Thank you to Ian Agnew from History Off The Page and all the parents who kindly gave up their time to supervise activities. Your help is much appreciated!

Year 4 Team