Year 3 Trip to HOAC

The Year 3 girls had their annual trip to HOAC at the end of September. It is always a lovely way to start KS2, as it gives the children an opportunity to bond with their new classmates and develop team building skills.

It was evident, watching the girls take part in a wide range of activities, that many of them had taken on board the Junior School habits for the beginning of the year. They ‘aimed high’ in their endeavors to read maps and develop new orienteering skills and there were definitely girls prepared to ‘take a risk’ as they applied their problem solving skills to outwitting the crocodiles in the swamp activity!

The night-line proved challenging, as the girls had to trust their friends completely, relying on instructions from each other to follow an obstacle course blindfolded! Team work and listening skills were essential.

“It was so exciting and a little bit scary!”  was one of the comments.

“I didn’t realise that I could read a map” was another.

All the girls had a wonderful time, lots of fresh air, exercise and fun!

Mrs Buckler