Year 12 Excite Programme -Pharmacy Talk

On Thursday 9 May as part of the Year 12 Excite programme, we were delighted to welcome Danielle Adams, a former pupil of Northwood College, to give a talk on Pharmacy.

Danielle explained that Pharmacists are experts in medicines and as one of the fastest growing areas of healthcare play a key role in improving the health of the nation, and ensuring patient safety.

They work in a number of different settings:

  • develop new medicines;
  • supply medicines;
  • provide advice about medicines;
  • offer health services.

Pharmacists also work in other roles where there may be less direct contact with patients, for example in universities, regulation, government organisations, research, publishing and the pharmaceutical industry.

In order to study Pharmacy GCSEs are needed in English language, mathematics and science and A-levels are needed in chemistry and two of biology, mathematics and physics. Candidates are also considered with chemistry and one of biology, mathematics, physics and one other subject.

The training involves a four-year Master of Pharmacy (MPharm) degree course followed by the successful completion of a year of preregistration training.

At the end of preregistration training, the General Pharmaceutical Council (GPhC) registration exam must be passed after which the candidate can register and practise as a pharmacist. Pharmacists must renew their registration on an annual basis in order to be able to continue to work as pharmacists.

We are very grateful to Mrs Adams for her most interesting presentation and for showing all the different and diverse career roles that can be undertaken with a degree in Pharmacy.

Mrs Asquith