Wellness Week

Our annual Wellness Week took place last week for Year 7-10.  This week aims to enhance the girls well-being and increase awareness for the importance of wellness in all aspects of their lives.  The week aims to promote a positive attitude and allow them to explore various tools and techniques to enhance their well-being to hopefully equip them with strategies for future challenges. Throughout the week, workshops and activities were delivered with an exciting schedule including Scottish country dancing, mindfulness, reading for relaxation and knitting.  All students were encouraged to try something new and discover new ways to relax and cope with stress and anxiety.

A highlight of the week was Thursday morning, where Year 7 and 8 started their day with ‘Rise and Stretch’, a Pilates inspired session to wake them up and motivate them for the day ahead. Our Year 9 and 10 students enjoyed a Tai Chi session outdoors in the sunshine!

To end the Wellness Week, all girls had the opportunity to participate in the Positive Paving Stones activity, by decorating a paving stone with a positive message, picture or quote. The school was buzzing with excitement as the terrace became a colourful, vibrant canvas of positivity! Throughout the week, Positive Postcards were written between students and these were delivered by our Sixth Form prefect team on Friday afternoon, so everyone left for the weekend with a smile on their face.

Mrs L Brown