VISHAYA wins Fourth Plinth prize for the Borough of Hillingdon

Vishaya, Year 7, has won a Fourth Plinth Schools Award, representing the Borough of Hillingdon.

Vishaya was awarded the prize for her design ‘History of London Inventions’, which incorporates images of historical inventions by Londoners such as John Logie Baird. Over 1500 artworks were submitted from schools across London and judging was headed by Professor Samson Kambalu, whose work Antelope will be installed on the Fourth Plinth on Trafalgar Square in September.

Vishaya commented on her inspiration: “The idea came about from a brainstorming session I did to try and gain some inspiration to create a plinth! London inventions came to mind and during my Google searches on London inventions in general, John Logie Baird kept appearing and from there I wondered what other inventions London was famous for. From these searches came about my idea of using John Logie Baird’s invention to project all other London inventions.”

The Fourth Plinth Awards Ceremony took place on Wednesday 4 May at New City Hall.