UK Mathematics Team Challenge

On Monday 12 November, Jasmine and Saachi, in Year 13 and Rhianna and I, Sneha, in Year 12 travelled to Merchant Taylors Boys School in order to compete in the UK Mathematics Team challenge. We set off, with Mrs Hashemi, at lunch time excited and ready to solve the problem together as a team. We faced three rounds which each consisted of numerous problems and required skills such as teamwork, communication and thinking in several ways as we all took different approaches to solve the given problem.

The questions given were challenging, but as a team we were able to solve them and improved as the rounds went on and were soon able to apply more strategies and tactics. It was an afternoon full of smiles and laughter and enjoyed spending interacting with both our teams and all the different schools together as a whole. It was an experience all of four of us will never forget, and a day which was full of fun and learning.

Thank you to the Maths department for giving us this opportunity and arranging to be part of such a great competition.

Sneha Srihararn, Year 12