Trip to ‘An Inspector Calls’

Last month, Year 11 went to Wimbledon Theatre to watch a production of An Inspector Calls. Firstly, we had the opportunity to go to McDonald’s as a year group to relax and have dinner, then we went on to the theatre.

From the moment we took our seats, the auditorium was buzzing with excitement. Watching the play gave us a different view of the characters and story and helped us to better understand the play.

The setting of the stage helped us remember the story better; near the end of the play the set collapsed which could represent how the family’s status has changed and showing how the classes are becoming more even.

Edna, for example, was portrayed as a helpful character and watching this production of the play brought her more to life showing the social status difference between Edna and the Birling family. Also with the character of Sheila Birling, before watching the play we thought Sheila was innocent and quiet, however after watching the play our views have changed; we now think that she isn’t as innocent as we thought! Therefore watching this production has given us a visual understanding and more insight into her character.

Overall, this was a great experience for all of us.

Emily Luck, Ruchira Shah and Stephanie Lack Year 11