Summer Concert 2019

On Thursday 4 July, we had our annual summer concert in which multiple music groups performed. First the audience had the enjoyment of hearing the Orchestra play ‘Star Wars’ which started off the concert with a bang. Then the audience got the pleasure to hear ‘Barrel-Organ Waltz’ and ‘Tea for Two’ which were performed by Café Orchestra which was gracefully and beautifully played.

Afterwards we had the sweetest performance from Hummingbirds who performed the songs ‘A Million Dreams’ and ‘This is Me’. The solos from the girls in Hummingbirds were spectacular. Following on from that act, we listen to a mind-blowing solo by Daivi Shah in Year 12 who performed the piece Adriana. Then we experienced a splendid performance by Camerata who performed ‘The Game of Thrones theme tune’ and music from ‘Sir John in Love’.

After Camerata, the audience got to hear the harmonic voices of Senior Choir who were singing ‘I Found Love’ and ‘Scarborough Fair’. After the interval, we had a clean and sharp performance from Steel Pans who were playing Monkey Man which started the second half marvellously. Subsequently after Steel Pans, we watched the glorious Chamber Choir who sang ‘Mad World’ and ‘La Bamba’. Later we experienced an unbelievable performance by Rhythm and Blues who performed the song ‘Stand by Me’.

Well done to Sharon in Year 12 who performed a remarkable voice solo of the song ‘Stand by Me’. Following after that the audience watched a worthy performance of Wind Band who performed ‘The Flintstones’. The final performance of the evening was the admirable Jazz Band who performed ‘A Pinch and A Punch’ and ‘Ramapolo’ which were composed by Mr Puddick himself. It was a night that you couldn’t forget and a night filled with music.

By Kesha Shanmugarajah, Year 9