Sixth Form Health Issues – Optometry Speaker

On Thursday 2 May 2019 we were most fortunate to welcome Ms Alloo, a local Optometrist, to speak to the Year 12 girls as part of the Sixth Form Excite programme. Ms Alloo, who trained at City University, explained in detail the requirements needed for studying Optometry. She explained that good A level grades are required for studying Optometry because only a few universities offer the course, these include City, Cardiff, Manchester, Glasgow, Aston, Birmingham, Cardiff, Bradford, Anglia Ruskin and Plymouth. There is now a course at Hertfordshire, who are offering a four year Masters course, which includes pre-registration. Generally, Optometry degrees are for three years after which there is a separate one year pre-registration course. During the first year at university the theoretical work is covered and during the second and third years there is more clinical work and interaction with patients. If a student has not taken A Level Mathematics the universities provide additional modules on Mathematics.

Ms Alloo stressed the importance of having relevant work experience to support an application for university. She also went on to explain the importance of having regular eye tests and how they can useful in diagnosing various conditions, some of which could lead to blindness if left untreated.

We are very grateful to Ms Alloo for coming into school to deliver her interesting and insightful talk and to answer all of the many questions asked by the Year 12 girls.

Mrs Asquith