Northwood College for Girls GDST celebrate best ever GCSE results with over 20% at grade 9 and 49% at grades 9 – 8!

Pupils, staff and parents at Northwood College for Girls were celebrating once again this morning (22 August 2019) with their best ever set of GCSE results!


With over 49% of the girls’ grades at 9 – 8 and over 73% at 9 – 7 grades, Zara Hubble, Head commented: “A direct result of the hard work, dedication and commitment that has been shown by our girls and their teachers, our excellent results reveal that over 20% of our girls’ grades are grade 9! I could not be more thrilled – 65% of our young women achieved 7 or more 9 – 7 grades; 56% achieved eight or more and almost one third of our students have achieved nine or more 9 – 7 grades.”

100% grade 9 – 8 spells success in any language, which is exactly what our German students achieved this year. Grades 9 – 7 represented 100% of Chinese grades, 89% of French and 88% of Spanish grades.

Our budding scientists were delighted with their results with 9 – 7 grades representing 100% of the Biology grades, 96% of the Chemistry grades and 89% of Physics results. Everyone was singing off the same hymn sheet with 9 – 7 grades achieved by 100% of the Music results, 92% of the History grades, 86% of the Religious Studies marks and over 80% of the Maths grades.

Mrs Hubble commented: “Our staff and pupils are ambitious and aspirational, we work hard to equip our students with a love of learning which we are confident plays a pivotal role in motivating and driving them to exceed all expectations.”


Alice Amin achieved one 7 and nine 9s and dreams of being a doctor. A beaming Alice said: “I am speechless! Thank you to all my teachers and all my friends who have supported me at NWC. I am so happy and overjoyed and I am looking forward to studying Maths, Biology and Chemistry in the sixth form.”

Alice’s mother added: “I can’t say thank you enough to all of Alice’s wonderful teachers, they all work so hard to bring out the best in each girl. I am so very proud of all of Alice’s hard work, it has certainly paid off.”


Hannah Dewji achieved seven 9s and three 8s. Hannah commented ‘I’m feeling so surprised but it is amazing, I just wasn’t expecting it. I am looking forward to studying Psychology, Maths and Economics or Biology at Northwood College, I think I would like to work with young children in the future.” Hannah’s beaming mother said: “I’m over the moon! She has wanted a laptop for ages and I told her if she does well in her GCSE’s she can have one so that’s what we’re to do now!”


Larissa Partridge achieved two 9s, six 8s and two 7s said: “I’m feeling really good and I’m looking forward to the next stage which is to study English Literature, Music and Psychology. I just want to thank all my teachers because I didn’t expect to do as well, there was a couple of subjects that I was unsure of, but I have completely gone beyond what I expected to achieve.”  Larissa’s mum added: “I am so very happy! I wasn’t sure whether she was going to pass a few but I’m so glad she has – I’m so very proud of Larissa.”.


Farah Khalif hopes to follow a career in Medicine and today achieved six 9s and four 8s! Farah said: “I am so surprised and happy and so relieved it is over!”  Farah’s beaming mother commented: “We really do appreciate the school and all they have done, they have helped Farah so much and I am so very happy today.” Her father added: “I am very proud and I greatly value the effort the school have put in for Farah.” Farah is now looking forward to starting her A levels in Biology, Psychology and Chemistry.


Pictured with her family, Sofia Farooq achieved one 9, five 8s, two 7s and one 6. “I am very surprised, excited and so very happy” said Sofia. “We are blown away” said her mum. “This is awesome” added her father. “100% thank you to Sofia’s teachers, they are truly awesome. I cannot believe these amazing results, we were expecting 5s and 6s! Incredible!” he concluded.


Sana Akhtar achieved two 9s, four 8s, three 7s and one 6 said: “I am so relieved, all the hard work does pay off. I am so happy and a huge thank you go everyone at Northwood College and particularly to my Science teachers.”  Looking ahead, Sana, is aiming for a career in Medicine and is looking forward to studying Biology, Chemistry and Maths at A Level. Sana’s father added: “We are over the moon, so very very proud of Sana!”.


Shannon Bal achieved five 8s, three 7s and one 6 said: “I’m feeling great! I definitely did much better than expected. I am looking forward to studying Geography, Maths and Economics at A level.”


A tearful Amber Hassan achieved three 9s, five 8s and one six and said “I am so happy, relieved, excited and surprised. All the hard work has really paid off, it is phenomenal.” Amber’s father commented: “I am unbelievably proud, what more can I say!”. Amber is looking forward to studying Religious Studies, History and English Literature and plans to become a journalist.


An emotional Saphyne Husain achieved two 9s, four 8s, three 7s and one 6 said “I am just so surprised, I cannot believe this, I am so happy and relieved. Thank you to all my teachers.”


Zayna Khaja achieved four 9s, three 8s, two 7s and one 6 said “I am elated, it really feels surreal.”  Zayna’s dad commented: “I’m over the moon – I am so proud! Two generations of my family at Northwood College – I was here in 1990 collecting my sister’s results and then in 2000 for my other sister’s results, so my wish was always going to be for Zayna to come to this school.”


Mrs Hubble added: “I am proud of each one of our girls, they have worked so hard. I am also proud and grateful to our staff who always put the girls first and ensure that we offer the best possible education.

The education of girls lies at the heart of our vision. Academic rigour and excellent exam preparation are a given – we also believe that our girls deserve the opportunity to grow as individuals, assume leadership roles, take responsible risks, develop lasting friendships and excel in a dynamic environment that caters for all their needs.

Our Year 11 girls will go on to benefit from a personalised, academically strong curriculum and robust enrichment programme in the Sixth Form which is designed to enable us to develop courageous, independent-minded and resilient young women; fully equipped to lead fulfilling and successful lives in our fast-changing world.”