Northwood College at West London Finals of Young Enterprise

The culmination of many months of hard work to create a product from scratch and market it to the school and public alike, came to a head on Tuesday 7 May, when our team ‘Escape the Mind’ were shortlisted to compete at the Young Enterprise West London Final. The day was comprised of meeting the mayors of various boroughs, interviews with a panel of judges and a four minute presentation on our journey through Young Enterprise. At the event there was tough competition from other schools’ teams with some interesting product ideas.

One of the challenges we faced was being able to present to a large audience, but with a number of rehearsals, we were able to overcome our initial nerves. Although we didn’t pick up any awards at this event, Young Enterprise, has been an amazing and unforgettable experience which has enabled us to gain a vast variety of invaluable skills such as confidence, problem solving skills and public speaking.

Anisha Lal, Managing Director- Escape The Mind.


Both Young Enterprise teams’ products are still on sale around the school- Save The Wave’s environmentally friendly refillable water bottles (£8) and Escape The Mind’s mindfulness colouring book (£8).