The Northwood College Rainbow unit were thrilled to have a special guest join their Zoom call this week. Councillor Teji Barnes, the Mayor of Hillingdon joined our meeting to talk to us about her work in the borough. The girls enjoyed hearing about the Mayor’s life and found out that she enjoyed Art and English when she was at school. We talked about our favourite books and the Mayor said she loved reading and writing her own speeches.

The Rainbows asked some brilliant questions including:-
What do you like best about being a Mayor?
Do you know Boris Johnson?
Do you have to wear the robe and chain all the time?
Why did you want to be a Mayor?
Are you just famous locally or internationally?

We found out that the mayor does know Boris Johnson and she has a picture of her with him on her desk. Teji always helped out in her local community and became a member of the council in 2014. She always hoped she would become Mayor because she loves meeting people and listening to their stories. She likes to try and help as much as she can. The girls suggested qualities that were needed to be a good mayor. These were kindness, being a good listener, being a good problem solver and paying attention. Councillor Barnes agreed that all these qualities were needed, especially the one about paying attention as she recently had to chair a Zoom finance meeting with other 80 participants that went on for two and a half hours!

The time just flew by and before we knew it we had to say goodbye. We hope the Mayor will be able to come and visit us in school soon.