Magnificent Mathematical Challenging Conference

On the 3rd of October 2018, Maysa, Prisha, Anaya, Keya K, Daniella and Ziyana (authors) went to a Maths Conference located at the Maths Institute of Oxford University, supervised by Mr Taylor and Mrs Smith. We took part in a series of mathematical challenges which tested our knowledge of Maths and our problem solving ability.

The Maths Institute is an incredible building. On the floor outside the entrance, there were overlapping shapes which created a fascinating design. On the way in we were stopped and asked to take part in a number of photos.  Before the first activity started, everyone was asked to write down what came to their mind when told the word ‘Maths’. We were then told to scrunch up that piece of paper and try and throw it into a recycling bin because we were learning about ‘probability’.

Only one girl succeeded in getting her paper in the target (from another school). Each team was then given a pack of five different Grime dice, they all contained different number patterns. After experimenting for a while, most of the groups agreed on which dice was thought to beat the other dice. Then we were allowed to play with the dice and tried to figure out which dice really did win. The answer was a never ending loop! Maysa exclaimed, “it was fun and brainteasing.”

Then we had some delicious lunch with sandwiches and crisps and other exciting treats. After that we had a tour, here are some interesting things that

We found out about:
• The building cost £70,000,000 to build.
• It is 24,000 m2.
In the common room you are able to draw on windows and tables. There was an art competition to design a crystal to go over the canteen, the winning design was in the shape of a sound wave made by a drum. After lunch, each group was given a test to complete. We had a set time to finish the 45 questions. The questions tested our ability to work together to find answers. Anaya said “it helped us be more collaborative” and Ziyana said “it was tricky, challenging but extremely exciting.” Maysa and Keya’s team came 3rd! At the end of the conference everybody got a bar of GDST chocolate.

The girls said:

Daniella – “it was hard and challenging but super fun!”
Keya – “on a scale of 1 to 10, I’d give it 11”
Ziyana – “I think that it was a phenomenal experience and I hope for other
girls to do this when we come to year 6.”
By Daniella Philips and Ziyana Kassam, Year 6
Film of the Junior Maths Conference here :