Junior Ski Trip- Girls’ Accounts

Mia, Dhara and Ishani give us an insight into their experience of the Junior School Ski Trip and the incredible time had by all!

Our Junior ski trip was amazing; being able to mix with other schools and learning a great new skill. We were entertained throughout the week with fun and exciting activities!

On the first day at 5:30 am, our adventure began. Despite everyone being tired and having a few nerves, we were mainly looking forward to the journey ahead of us. Time flew by very quickly on the flight and by the time we knew it we were in France! When we got to the hotel it was quite late, so we had our dinner, got our skis, helmets, boots, and poles fitted, then we got into our rooms and went straight to bed as we were all exhausted.

We woke up ready for our first skiing lesson on Sunday. We had to quickly get our base layers and salopettes on and go downstairs for breakfast. There were four different skiing groups, snow leopards, polar bears, huskies and marmots. We skied 4 hours a day, 2 in the morning and 2 in the afternoon. The bright white snow was glistening. It was unbelievable, everyone was stunned. We got our skis on and were excited and eager to start skiing. When we began to ski it felt like gliding on clouds. For all, from beginners to advanced, it was splendid.

We all had a great time skiing on our first day and were ready for the evening activities. We were put into 3 groups with other schools meaning we had more time to get to know other people. The first activity for some of us was multisports. We walked to a big leisure centre where we hired some table tennis tables, badminton courts and basketball hoops. We all chose which sport we wanted to do and shared the courts. We had a great time.

We all got up early the next day, so enthusiastic for skiing that we had our skis on as soon as possible. Now we were starting to get the hang of skiing and it was getting more fun every day. We were all quite tired by now but looking forward to the evening because the next activity we had was a rollercoaster. The rollercoaster was big and looked a bit scary but you could control it yourself. We all really enjoyed this activity. When we came back we had a delicious dinner and then had some time to relax. In the evening we could either watch a great movie of Toy Story 4 or stay in our rooms with our friends and relax a bit. After, we went to bed and had a good night’s sleep.

The next day we got our boots and skis on and went outside into the white, fluffy snow. It was a bit colder than usual today but it was still amazing. When we finished in the afternoon we had a bit of calming downtime and we could go to the bar and play a few games. We then had a tasty dinner before we went swimming. We had a great time swimming in the pool as we could do whatever we wanted to do i.e. doing flips, having races and making routines. We all came back and had a nice warm shower before we went to bed.

On Thursday we all woke up to little snowflakes dancing outside our windows. They were beautiful. Everyone got ready really fast as they wanted to quickly have breakfast, then go and play in the fresh, new snow! It was awesome skiing in the fresh snow. When we came back we all were looking forward to the disco.

The disco was incredible, there were flashing neon lights in the dark. Everyone was dancing and having the time of their lives. We were all able to request songs, so when we heard the song we requested we felt so happy because our favourite songs were on! We were all able to buy fantastic things from the bar; cookies, milkshakes, smoothies, juices, fizzy drinks and more!

On Friday we all woke up and swiftly got ready, finished our breakfast and rushed outside. Although it wasn’t snowing today the snow that was left from yesterday was as soft as a pillow. Everyone dived into it and had some fun as we were early. When we skied it felt like skating on feathers. Our evening activity was a talent show which we were encouraged to take part in. Everyone was practising and hoping that they had enough to win. There were all types of talent; magic tricks, dances, drama, singing and more. Everyone fell silent when the judges began to reveal the results. The winner happened to be Francesca who sang a different version of Waterloo by Abba, she sang Portaloo. Everyone applauded when the winner was revealed and Francesca was congratulated by a lot of people. After all the excitement, we went to bed to have a good night’s sleep with fantastic dreams.

The next day was our last day of skiing so everyone got up nice and early to make it the best. We all hurried to breakfast and went straight outside. Everyone had improved so much and we were all having an incredible time. After our last skiing lesson, our ski instructors gave us our certificates and a badge. However, the fun wasn’t over, after we gave our skis, boots and poles back we had a … snowball fight!

The snowball fight was a blast, everyone was having a great time attacking Mr Taylor and pushing Mr Trivedi into the big hill of snow! The snow was so deep it came up to about our knees! Everyone came in cold and wet but that didn’t matter as we had a great time. After we had warmed up we had a fabulous quiz night. We mixed with the other schools and had to work with them to answer questions. It was great to be collaborating with other schools.

In the morning everyone woke up early, we were a bit tired but we were all excited to go home and see our families. We had our breakfast in the airport and got on the flight. When we arrived in England everyone was looking forward to seeing our families, everyone was thrilled to finally be home.

That sums up our adventure, we had a blast on the ski trip and wish that we could do it all over again!