Junior Music Competition

On Friday 10th March, Junior School had the final of their Junior Music Competition.

All of the girls performed beautifully and the overall house winner was Buchanan and the year group winner was Year 4 for their rendition of We’re All in This Together from High School Musical. We also unveiled the overall Junior Young Musician of the Year, for her amazing composition Mysterious Journey, advanced piano performance of A Pastel, and singing performance of Shallow, the winner was Aanya (Year 6)!

Individual Category winners were as follows:

1st- Shivani (Year 5)
2nd- Devanshi (Year 6)
3rd- Aroma (Year 6)

Guitar and Drums
1st- Sara (Year 5)
2nd- Ana (Year 5)
3rd- Mia (Year 6)

1st- Aanya (Y6)
2nd- Nishika (Y6)
3rd- Sara & Anya (Y5)

1st- Aryana & Mya (Year 5)
2nd- Nia & Reyah (Year 5)
3rd- Alexa & Eesha (Year 4)

Small Ensemble 
1st- Aahana, Mahie, Amara, Reva (Year 6)
2nd- Ana, Shriya, Reyah (Year 5)
3rd- Kyna, Ella, Nikkita, Malvika, Shayna (Year 4)

1st- Annika (Year 5)
2nd- Aanya (Year 5)
3rd- Kirthana (Year 4)

1st- Shanaya (Year 5)
2nd- Siana (Year 5)
3rd- Mia (Year 4)

1st- Amaya (Year 4)
2nd- Anavi (Year 6)
3rd- Liya (Year 4)

Advanced Strings 
1st- Nishika (Year 6)
2nd- Maheen (Year 4)
3rd- Siana (Year 5)

Advanced Piano 
1st- Aisha (Year 5)
2nd- Aanya (Year 6)
3rd- Arya (Year 6) and Liya (Year 4)

1st- Norah (Year 6)
2nd- Reva (Year 6)
3rd- Kyna (Year 4) and Riya (Year 5)