Hard work rewarded by outstanding A Level results

Hard work rewarded by outstanding examination results at NWC

Maxwell Road was the scene of much joy on Thursday 13 August when our Year 13 students received a set of exceptional A Level results. Over 60% of our results achieved A* – A grades with 25% of the grades at A* and 86% of the grades at A* – B!

Mrs Hubble commented: “We are truly delighted that the hard work and dedication that our girls, and their teachers, have consistently applied is now being recognised and rewarded.

“With over 43% of our young women achieving straight A*/A’s, these grades are a true testament to the exceptional standard of a NWC education and the effectiveness of our forward-thinking approach.  Our girls have worked tirelessly throughout their school careers and have endured a particularly stressful few months awaiting these results. I have been blown away by the resilience and positive attitude shown by our girls during lockdown. The empty time they faced that would normally be busy with exams saw them wholeheartedly embrace our GDST Limitless Learning Programme.

The unique programme provided 160 different University Bridging courses – ranging from Marketing to Astrology – and our girls’ proactive approach to learning has been admirable; I am incredibly proud of each and every one of them.

“I am also grateful for the commitment that is demonstrated year after year by our phenomenal teachers. I know I am privileged to lead a group of such talented professionals, each of whom work indefatigably every day to ignite intellectual curiosity in our students and consistently support and inspire them to be their very best.”

Based on the results, we anticipate that the majority of our students will go on to the university of their choice. Mrs Hubble added: “We are extremely ambitious at NWC and I believe that our success is due to the fact that we really know each girl and her individual strengths. We are able to think strategically about how best to develop her talents, motivating and challenging her each step of the way.”

Ginny Kelly (below) achieved three A*s and is set to study History at UCL. Ginny said: “I am in shock after everything over the past few months. It is so good to finally be rewarded for all the hard work.” Ginny’s mum commented: “I am very proud, she had the ability but the school has truly brought it out.”

Claire Gordon-Brown (below) achieved three A*s and is set to study Music at Oxford University. Claire said: “I am very very happy. The UCAS website crashed this morning so I have literally just found out my results! Thank you to everyone at NWC, I love my school and I could not have done this without the support from my teachers, they have nurtured me through every year, not just the sixth form.” Claire’s mum added: “Thank you so much NWC, the whole school has always been behind Claire and I am so grateful.”

Carys Dale (below) achieved two A*s and one A and is set to study History at Cambridge University. Carys said: “I am so grateful and support I have always had from my school. I will really miss school but I am so happy and so excited about university.” Her younger brother added: “I am so proud of my big sister.”

Zahra Abbas (below) achieved two A*s and one A and is set to study Chemistry at UCL said: Thank you so much to all my teachers and to my school.”

Emmy Chinnick (below) achieved one A* and two As and is set to study Psychology at Leeds University with the long-term aim of becoming a Psychologist. Emmy said: “I am so happy. Thank you so much school and thank you so much to all my amazing teachers. I cannot believe this!”

Anna Grenz (below) achieved two A*s and one A and is set to study Medicine at Glasgow University with the long-term aim of becoming a Doctor. Anna said: “I am so happy and relieved. Thank you to my teachers.”

Alesha Ahmed-Varela (below) achieved one A and two Bs and is set to study Art at Kingston School of Art. Alesha said: “I am excited to start the next part of my journey. Thank you to NWC for everything.” Alesha’s mother added: “I am so very proud and thank you to all her teachers, they have been phenomenal.”

Hana Noor-Khan (below) achieved one A* and two As and is set to study History at Warwick University. Hana said: “I am very excited about University. Thank you to my teachers for all the support, particularly during this difficult time.”

Alessandra Douglas (below) achieved two A*s and one A and is set to study Music at Durham University. Alessandra said: “I am relieved but numb, I can’t really believe this, it seems unreal. Thank you to all my teachers, I couldn’t have done this without them.” Alessandra’s mother added: “I am so proud and relieved. I thank her teachers who have been amazing throughout all her school years. I am very happy.”

Sushma Nepal (below) achieved one A* and two As and is about to embark on a gap year before taking Fashion Design at Leeds University. She said: “I am relieved and delighted with these results and I thank everyone at Northwood College.”

Emily Gee achieved two A*s and one A and is set to study Health & Human Sciences at Durham. Emily said: “I am excited, relieved and very happy. Thank you to my family and my school.”

100% A* – A spells success in any language and that is exactly what the NWC French and Latin students achieved. Further Mathematics students also followed a winning formula with 100% of their grades at A* – A which positioned them head-to-head with the PE students who also achieved a 100% A* – A grade success.

A* – A grades represent 75% of Classical Civilisation results; 67% of Geography results; 67% of Music results; 67% of Politics results; 67% of Textiles results and 60% of the History results.

Mrs Hubble comments: “We are confident that all our girls will thrive academically, but we also appreciate that to truly excel young people need more than examination results alone. Strength of character is as important as academic success at NWC. We develop attitudinal, cognitive and resilience skills to ensure that our girls leave school empowered by, and equipped with, the tools and techniques required to face any future challenges with confidence and self-assertiveness.

Mrs Hubble concluded: “We will certainly miss our Year 13, and I am bitterly disappointed that we lost many opportunities to celebrate their school careers together due to lock down. But, each one is a NWC girl for life and I am delighted she will now join a vibrant community of over 70,000 GDST alumnae. The unique alumnae platform will provide her with the opportunity to learn from, and network with, previous GDST students who cover a vast range of industries and environments.

We wish our young women the very best for the future, confident that they leave school with many happy memories and ready to go on to lead successful lives.”