GDST Day of Dance 2022

Read below to hear about the fantastic experience some of our girls had that attended the incredible GDST Day of Dance 2022:

On Monday 5th December, we travelled down to Base Studios in London to participate in the GDST Day of Dance 2022. We had the opportunity to train and learn from professional choreographers/dancers. The range of dance styles offered were commercial street, contemporary, lyrical jazz and musical theatre. This day provided a fantastic way to experiment with different dance styles and develop our knowledge. It was also a great way to enhance our existing dance skills. At the end of the day, we had a Q&A with the choreographers where we gained a better insight into what it’s like being a professional dancer and we received some great advice on being a dancer.
We also met lots of different people from various GDST schools, enabling
us to make new friends. Everyone that attended, had an amazing day
and we would definitely do it again!

By Ameeya

Being invited to attend the GDST Day of Dance was truly an unforgettable experience that enhanced my dancing abilities, but also exceeded my creativity. Even being a professional dancer, there were dancing and warming up techniques that I will continue to take through my dance journey.
The workshops ranged from contemporary to commercial street to musical theatre, the choreographers were incredibly talented and individually
embarked on different techniques and dancing styles. My favourite workshop was commercial street, as the dance challenged my abilities.
It was truly an experience that I would happily recommend to
anyone who is passionate about dance.

By Esha