Factual Thinking in Year 1

Year 1 have been learning about spiders. We read a story called ‘”Aaargh Spider” by Lydia Monks where a spider feels very unloved until the family with whom he
shares a home realises he is very useful.

In DT we made white hats which we are using to stimulate factual thinking. In the photo you can see us wearing our hats. It was great fun making them and  learning how to fold the paper, writing three facts on them and drawing some spiders. We read some non-fiction books about mini-beasts and Mrs Hamilton showed us how to use the index to find what we were looking for. We also enjoyed a Science programme called ‘Come Outside’ and learned many new facts from this.

In Science this week the girls have been using their senses. Their mission was to guess some mystery smells in jars specially made for this lesson. The children were amazing and made some really accurate guesses. They learnt how to enter data into a simple table and that it is really fun to make guesses, even when they are incorrect. This is what scientists do all the time and then test their ideas out. I was amazed at the ideas the girls put forward and how they related smells to time. For example, the lavender was equated with bedtime as “drops on my pillow”’ and the coffee, “smells like my papa”. Well done Year 1; you are blossoming young scientists.


Mrs M Hamilton