Duke of Edinburgh – First Aid Course

First Aid training is part of DofE training.  However, I recently learnt that the chance of surviving a heart attack outside of hospital in the UK is less than 8% – far less than in many  countries where the survival rate is much greater as a result of first aid training and use of defib training being included in the driving test.  With this in mind, in addition to completing the usual online first aid course, all our Silver participants received hands on training in the recovery position, CPR and learnt how to use defib machines.  The training was delivered by our sixth form DofE volunteers who were trained by Nurse Hickson.

Defib machines are becoming more and more common in public places and can frequently be seen in train stations and in some towns they are being installed in old phone boxes.  From the moment the machines are activated they talk the user through what to do.  All the girls had the opportunity to practice with our trainer machines and cpr dolls.

Bronze participants will be trained after Easter

#Empowering our girls; #readyforanything

Written by Ms Cronnelly