Year 9 girls have been working on their bronze awards since September. As wells as working on their volunteering, physical and skills sections, they have been preparing for their expeditions. A practice expedition was undertaken in April and the girls returned to The Chilterns for their assessed expedition at the end of May.

Do you remember the weekend when there were thunderstorms? Well that was when the girls undertook their assessed expedition. Expeditions always go ahead, no matter what the weather. If necessary, routes may be altered but part of the excitement of expedition in the UK is not knowing what weather you will have to deal with. A lot of planning is put into the expeditions and a kit meeting for girls and parents was held at the beginning of the year which explained the pros and cons of the kit required so everyone could make informed choices. Many thanks to the parents for ensuring the girls turned up well equipped and ready to go.

Day 1 started fine but by midday there was thunder and lightning. The girls were closely monitored throughout and many used their initiative and got into their emergency shelter during the worst of the weather – great thinking girls as that is exactly what that piece of equipment was for.

They reported afterward how they found it quite cosy and warm to shelter together. By the time the teams made it into camp, the weather had dried up and they enjoyed having the time to spend together with their friends.

Thankfully day 2 was fine – everyone was up by 0600, which is easy when it gets light so early, and all teams were out of camp by 0800. This was a standard expedition with a mixed bag of weather – you never know what you will have to deal with and the girls took it all in their stride. Very well done to all of you. You showed true perseverance and exceptional teamwork. You took care of each other and were in good form throughout. You should be very proud of yourselves. You have great stories to tell and excellent examples of how you worked as part of a team under pressure
in very tough conditions.




Huge congratulations to the following girls who have achieved their awards since 1 June. Very well done to you all.

Sofia Farooq, Chandani Chandrakumar, Emily Luck, Esha Gill, Larissa Partridge, Kaivya Senthivel, Kara Mandair, Surina Mahindru, Maya Raihal, Kritika Sawant, Anjali Patel, Ellie Benjamin, Anne-Marie Eyen, Evie Kerrigan-Smith, Kashish Bhargava, Harrisha Sivanathan, Hafsah Ahmed, Simran Patel, Sabah Hamid

Sarita Bhattessa, Harriet Lewis, Jenica Jetha, Ranah Akhtar, Zahra Ahmad, Jia Pindoria, Anika Patel, Keya Patel, Priyana Malde, Mia Patel, Sakina Merali, Serena Patel, Amrita Rangi, Maydini Prakhya, Avneet Sekhon, Kushi Tamada, Amina Syed, Holly Wilkins, Lola Terek, Jagmeet Sandhu, Diya Patel, Jada Richard, Pari Ahuja, Selena Wickramasinghe, Poppy Roberts, Dia Ladva, Pari Miyanger


Gold Practice Expedition 3-6 July Dark Peaks
Gold Assessed Expedition 28 Aug-1 Sept Snowdonia