Black History Month

From Nursery to Year 13, celebrating diversity and the contributions people with different heritage have made to society, science, politics and the creative arts and literature, plays an integral part in our holistic approach to education at NWC.

Our pupils, explore on all levels, the positive impact Britons from different cultural backgrounds and heritage have had on the evolution of our country through change and development across many fields. From the teaching about particularly influential Black individuals, pivotal moments in history and eminent Black professionals in their fields, the girls enjoy studying and exploring a range of topics.

The rich curriculum and extra-curricular activities and pupil-led groups serve to widen the girls understanding of the impact of slavery on Black people in Britain and across the world and the resulting residual effects. In the Senior school, our pupil-led BLM group explores, examines and discusses the impact of racial bias and racial inequality in its different forms to highlight to our girls the importance of fairness, the importance of speaking out against prejudice and the need to strive for racial and gender equality.

We pride ourselves on our vibrant community: interesting and interested in others, we foster compassion, joy and kindness.

Ms Jill Ferguson, Deputy Head
(Pastoral Development and Well-Being)


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