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What makes Northwood College for Girls different?

On Tuesday 13 January we were delighted to welcome a number of Junior School parents to our ‘Love Learning’ event. This popular evening gave us a chance not only to give parents lots of tips to encourage their daughter’s learningbut also to explain how we are different from other schools.

At Northwood we not only support our girls in their core learning but also develop their intellectual character and thinking habits too, as part of a ‘hidden’ curriculum. Using the analogy of a tree, parents were given a selection of fun tasks and activities to show how the teachers at Northwood develop these three core areas…

  • Character – we use thinking and learning dispositions such as initiative, originality and empathy to develop the roots of the tree
  • Learning – we teach different strategies and encourage the girls to work collaboratively and independently to develop their research skills
  • Thinking – embedded into our curriculum are a number of different techniques to encourage skills such as reasoning, decision making and critical thinking The event proved so popular that we had more requests than seats so if you did not attend please do apply for next year’s event.

We have attached a useful link to a lecture given by Carol Dweck, who discusses the power in believing that you can improve by positive praise.

Thank you to all of the parents who attended and took part in the activities with so much enthusiasm; and for all the lovely feedback. We do hope that you found the evening informative.

Some feedback on the evening:- ‘Very enjoyable and some good tips – wish I’d come to this when my daughter was in Year 1!’ ‘I thought it was fantastic. I never know how to help my daughter other than to tell her the answer – now I have plenty of ideas…

Great evening, with a fantastic insight into the different learning styles that my daughter is exposed to.

Written by Mr Daniel Jeffrey, Junior School Thinking Skills Leader

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