Tate Modern Trip for Year 9

Art Trip

On Thursday 27 November, Year 9 went to Tate Modern for an art trip. We saw many fascinating paintings and sculptures! It was a very interesting place and even the architecture of the building itself is modern and unique.

We went around a few galleries but the one we focused most on was the Dreams and Poetry gallery. The paintings there were a kind of abstract and different people can interpret the art in different ways. All the art in this gallery seemed a bit odd and weird at the first glance but after looking at it for some time it actually becomes interesting. The whole wing of the building that we walked around is devoted to surrealism.

Personally, my favourite gallery is the Dreams and Poetry gallery as the art work there is very different and can be looked at from so many different angles. Each person interprets the art in their own way based on their own experiences.

The pieces of art displayed in this gallery showed a totally unique aspect to art, rather than just paintings of scenes or portraits. The art work in all the galleries is equally amazing! We studied a few individual pieces and I chose to sketch Woman by Joan Miro and Cocoon by Louise Bourrgeois. Overall I really enjoyed the trip and the opportunity to see all these incredible works of art.

Written by Anaika Nagori, Y9

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