Business Enterprise by Amrita Kohli and Devika Varsani (Year 12)

Sixth Form

Business Enterprise is initially open to students in Year 12. Once they have finished Business Enterprise, they then act as mentors for Year 9 students who go on to pursue their own business ideas.

The Business Enterprise programme involves a group of students starting their own business models with an aim to make a profit, of which half will go to the charities of our choice. We had to create a product that we will sell to the students here at Northwood College for Girls. We were able to learn valuable skills such as team work, communication, time management, organisation, resilience and problem solving.

During our first meeting, the Business Prefect, Simran Lakhani, encouraged us to work collaboratively in a team. Every week we would feedback to our mentor, Mr Green, about the progress we had made during the week and the challenges we had faced. His comments were very helpful to us as we were able to overcome any problems that we had encountered. To complete Business Enterprise, each group had to deliver a presentation on their experience of Business Enterprise.

The presentation included things like challenges we faced, how well we worked as a team, how much profit we made and what we enjoyed about the experience. The presentations were judged by Mr Green, who then announced the winning teams after they had finished. He chose the winning teams by looking at the originality of the products, how we worked as a team, our presentations and the overall profit we made. We thoroughly enjoyed working in a team and getting to know the members within it.

We learnt about the importance of teamwork and how it affects the business. We also learnt about the importance of managing our money. Through this process our individual confidence has grown as it was ‘our’ business and we had to make all the decisions. It was an incredible experience for everyone, especially those who want to pursue a career in business or economics as they were able to understand how businesses actually work. We even had the opportunity of setting up our stalls at the Christmas Bazaar! This was a very enjoyable experience for us.

We would like to say thank you to Mr Green for all his time and advice and to Mrs Welkhu for giving us the opportunity to take part in Business Enterprise. We are all very excited about working with the Year 9 students this term and acting as their mentors!

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