Young Philosophers written by Mrs Hamilton

Junior School

In my class, Year 1 are always asking ‘thinking questions’.

In response to a lesson on question words, the children suddenly started asking quite profound questions… and so the ‘Ask it Basket’ was born. This was something we had been taught about on a Philosophy for Children staff training day and I have used in the past. With the basket installed that same day, I was delighted to find children with ‘post it notes’ the following morning covered with their questions.

Riya Amin questioned ‘Who made God?’ Zahra Ali asked ‘Why are there so many poor people?’ Satya Mehta enquired as to whether ‘ghosts are real or imaginary.’ Zaynah Hussain wanted to know ‘who makes all the lovely food we eat?’ The questions keep rolling in and sometimes I hear the girls asking questions I’m sure I could never answer such as, ‘Is infinity a number?’ (that came up whilst changing for swimming!) The great thing about this kind of enquiry is that it engenders discussion and listening to other’s ideas.

The children also come up with suggestions about how to research their questions. In today’s world, being able to think and ask for yourself is going to make our Northwood College girls stand out from children who can only answer exam style questions. Keep them rolling in ladies!

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