Year 1 Maths Workshop

Maths Junior School

Monday 2 February we welcomed a crowd of parents in to Vincent Hall for an excellent workshop on the teaching of Maths to five and six year olds.

The parents were handed a pack of resources, and then followed a run through of how to use the resources effectively through games, such as, spotting odd numbers on number plates; ordering time cards; using ordinal numbers; counting down in sequences as children clean their teeth; using the 100 square; applying computer games to enhance the understanding of place value; building 3D models and looking at the properties involved in different shapes … the list was endless.

Many parents stayed at the end to peruse the additional resources and took home roll the dice games and ‘making your own analogue clock face’ games.

Our thanks go to all the staff involved and to all the parents who kindly gave up their time to work in this home/school partnership which is vital for the development of our girls. The Workshop will be downloaded on Firefly for those who wish to view it at a convenient time.

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