Holocaust Memorial Day


On 3 February 2015 we were fortunate enough to attend the Holocaust Memorial Day at Northwood Synagogue to learn about the atrocities which took place during World War Two. 

This year is a particularly special year because a week before we went, seventy years had been marked since the Auschwitz prisoners had been liberated.

When we arrived we watched a video with a background about the Holocaust and then heard a speech from the Rabbi of the Northwood Synagogue. Afterwards, all the Year 10 classes went in to separate rooms to learn more about the deprivation of human rights that Jewish people and other minorities suffered during the dictatorship of Adolf Hitler and looked closely at the Nuremburg Laws, which took away Jewish people’s basic civil rights from owning a radio to having agricultural land.

Then it came to the highlight of the day:- meeting the Holocaust survivor Janine Webber who gave us her personal testimony. At the time when the war started Janine was just seven years old and we learnt about her brave story of how she survived mostly by herself during the Nazi rule of Poland.

Tears were shed, especially when Janine talked about her mother’s death, but we all admired her strength which guided her through those tough times. The Year 10 girls asked lots of questions and were inspired by Janine and the people who were part of her story, especially her Aunt who is still alive!

Overall, it was an emotional and inspiring day which I enjoyed thoroughly and took a lot away from.

Written by Shreya Katwa, Year 10

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