Working Lunch


On Monday 2 February a former student of Northwood College came to lead a ‘Working Lunch’ with girls from Years 10-13.

Clare Diskin (neé Moss) is an Associate Director of Development for the BFI (The British Film Institute) and she gave us an insight into how her career began, as well as explaining how she came to decide what she wanted to do.

I found it reassuring to learn that when she was choosing what steps to take after her exams and after university, she was not sure exactly what job she wanted, but knew that she wanted to be involved in the area of fi lm and TV and so she found a way to get involved. By combining what she enjoyed with what she was good at, she managed to fi nd a variety of jobs within the entertainment industry, and it was so great to see how passionate she was about her job.

It was really interesting for us to hear about what the BFI does to support the British fi lm industry and to learn of the many job roles and opportunities within this industry, suitable for those with a range of academic backgrounds and interests.

It was also exciting for Clare to have a tour of her old school! We would like to thank Clare for giving her time to share her career with us as I know we all really enjoyed hearing about it.

Written by Charlotte Hurst Year 12

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