Year 2 Learn about Life as a Deaf Child

Junior School Education

Year 2 are learning about our five senses and in particular about the sense of hearing.

To contrast with our experiments on sound, we were delighted to welcome a teacher of deaf children to school to talk to the girls about what life is like for a deaf child. The girls were fascinated as they tried to lip read words and saw the similarities between such words as ‘baby’ and ‘paper’ when spoken without sound.

They listened to deaf children speaking in conversation and tried to understand what they were saying. We learnt that deaf children who have never heard sound need to learn to use their voices by feeling the vibrations of their voice boxes, that they may not understand that animals do not speak even though they move their lips and that sound cannot travel over a long distance.

The girls were shown a video of children signing in a school for the deaf and how the lights flash on and off for a fire alarm. They looked at the children’s writing and how they follow the language of BSL (British Sign Language) rather than written or spoken English. Lastly, our girls learnt how to finger-spell the alphabet and signs such as ‘Mummy’ and ‘thank you’. Our grateful thanks go to Dr Diana Burman for coming into school and for teaching us so much.

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