Year 3’s Ancient Egypt Day

Education Junior School

On Wednesday 25 February, Year 3 enjoyed an Ancient Egypt day.

I dressed up as an Egyptian princess. I had no make-up on but I wore a beautiful head-dress made of blue and yellow that Mummy made. When we arrived at the PAC we met two people called Sally and Steve.

Steve was an Egyptologist. We looked at an ancient map showing Upper and Lower Egypt. Upper and Lower Egypt were placed according to the way the River Nile flows. Then we told Steve what we had already learnt about Ancient Egypt.

We were then split into three groups and we all got a chance to do each activity. The first activity was an Egyptian quiz. The second activity was looking at tomb artefacts. These included two amulets, one was an ankh and the second was the eye of Horus. Another artefact was a jackal. Jackals eat human flesh.

The god of the dead was Anubis who had the head of a jackal and we all got to cuddle it! In the afternoon we did some Egyptian dancing. This is the way to dance like Ancient Egyptians…put one foot in front of the other, then turn your body to one side and move your head the way that your feet are pointing. Put one hand behind your back and with the other hand, flatten your palm and pull it to your hip. Then you move forwards and backwards.

Later on we watched a show in which ‘Diya Ankh Amun’ died from eating poisoned food. After that we mummified ‘Diya Ankh Amun’ and had a funeral procession around school. I was a musician. Finally, Steve put the mummy in the sarcophagus (a real one) and cursed the door. I had a brilliant day. Written by Carlotta Gray (Year 3)

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